Community Services

Community Services

Because caring for your spirit and mind is no less important

Day care centers, supportive communities and additional services in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.
Natali operates in multiple communities for senior citizens and persons with a disability.
The following services are provided within this framework: panic button and call center services, 24h doctor house calls, ambulance transport , telephone medical consultation, lifting in case of a fall, security patrol, community caretaking service, rich and varied social activities, recreational activity for the home-confined, a coordinating social worker and additional programs.

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Our Services

A wide range of individually customized services for Natali subscribers

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Supportive Communities

Natali is operating supportive communities for senior citizens and persons with disabilities across Israel for more than 20 years , providing services to more than 10,000 households as of today and more than 50,000 over the years.

This unique program is designed to enable the elderly live independently while maintaining their quality of life. The program is another component in an array of services in the community that provides a frame with an appropriate answer to the needs of the elderly. This program combines health, medical and social services helping the elderly to be more vital and healthier as well.

The main services are:

  •  Traditional Panic Button services operating 24 hours a day through Natali’s emergency and assistance call center
  • Medical emergency services available 24/7
  • Doctors house call available 24/7
  • A variety of social activities specially customized for the community members
  • Services of community caretaker and handy man that also helps with minor fixes at home
  • Every community has a social worker that provide support to the members and their families. The social worker manages the community and providing consultation and assistance with rights realization.

The Community caretaker is like a friend to the members of the community that makes social home visits, helps them with simple home maintenance repairs, buying medications and assisting with personal emergency situations.

Every supportive community member can use the various services according to his/her needs and wishes at any time.

The Natali Supportive Communities Division employs dozens of experienced and professional workers such as: social workers, community caretakers, social activity operators and administration personnel’ fully dedicated to provide swift service to community members.

The model can be duplicated/copied to different countries and has already attracted a lot of attention by Social Welfare ministries and Bureau’s in several countries.


Supportive Communities

שיקום וניידות

Rehabilitation and Mobility

Service Riders – handle and manage claims submitted to the Ministry of Health

Natali provides administrative management and handling services of requests submitted to the Ministry of Health regarding rehabilitation and mobility devices, hearing aids for children and youth and alternative support communication for all population groups.

Natali established designated call centers for these services which it manages and operates.

Natali achieved significant shortening of waiting times for receiving a permit to use rehabilitation and mobility devices and hearing devices and their provision to subscribers.

נטלי מרכזי יום

Natali-Operated Day Care Centers

A senior citizens day care center is a social community service platform for senior citizens living at home who join a framework that provides a range of services, among them social services and treatment.

Senior citizens entitled to a Nursing Allowance from the National Insurance Institute may use the allowance for these day care centers which operate diverse and rich activities determined in advance for every senior citizen according to the subscriber’s age and medical condition. The subscribers enjoy hot meals, social and cultural activities, a pleasant social atmosphere and a variety of treatments – all under one roof.

For example the day care center in Azur that is managed by A. S. Nursing that is part of the Natali Group

The senior citizen day care center in Azur is intended for senior citizens in the cities of Holon, Azur and Beit Dagan who live at home, and operates Sunday thru Thursday, 08:00 to 14:30.

The senior citizens in the day care center are entitled to the following services:

Transportation from the senior citizen’s home to the day care center and back in a vehicle suited to their functioning level

Breakfast and lunch

Individual treatment and social work consultation

Social and occupational activity, including lectures, group activities and movies

Physical activity, occupational therapy and physiotherapy

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This is not for inquiries regarding urgent cases/requests for medical assistance

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Top service packages

Cardiac Package

Medical Center: 24/7 connection with Natali medical call center
Cardio-SIM: a self use, cellular ECG device transmitting data in real-time to Natali medical center
Natali intensive care ambulances: equipped with the world's most advanced medical equipment and manned by a three-person team (A doctor, a paramedic and a drive-medic).

Special price for those who are registered on our website:

Service package
for the elderly

Telephone panic button based on DECT technology, including waterproof mobile button, the latest development in the field
Home visit by Natali doctor 24 hours a day 7 days a week
Telephone medical advice services
Refund of ambulance evacuation costs after exercising rights at the health insurance fund
Security patrol

Special price for those who are registered on our website:

Family subscription

Medical center: 24/7 connection with Natali Healthcare Solutions
Home visit by Natalie doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Telephone medical advice services

Special price for those who are registered on our website:

*For Families up to 5 people (extra NIS 6 per month for each additional family member)
*Minimum age 6 year, maximum age 55

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