Telemedicine and Cardiac Services

Telemedicine and Cardiac Services

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As a Natali subscriber you and your family have peace of mind and know that there is someone to rely on, and when the need arises – we will always be there.

שירותי טלרפואה

With Natali's medical and monitoring services there is no need to hesitate - the earlier the diagnosis the greater the ability to avoid severe, and even irreversible, damage. With the push of a button subscribers are diagnosed by the best experts that ascertain their condition and symptoms, and Decoding the ECG transmission and the subscriber's other metrics that are quickly transmitted from home.

For those in at-risk groups, as well as for those with a cardiac precondition, time is critical during a cardiac event and the faster the patient receives suitable treatment, the higher the chances of recovery.
Time is of essence!
Symptoms of cardiac diseases are not always clear, and the patient's condition must be immediately assessed by certified entities based on the subscriber's medical file, current condition and metrics received from the provided medical device. Sometimes, even though the subscriber feels that something is wrong, there is a hesitation stage whether this is indeed a cardiac event or something else. Natali subscribers do not have to hesitate as a quick connection is made with the medical call center and an initial diagnosis is made while the subscriber is at home based on the patient's medical condition, medical history and advanced devices.

נטלי - שירותי טלרפואה ולב - השיטה הרגילה

When you are not a Natali subscriber

שיטת נטלי - שירותי טלרפואה ולב

When you are a Natali subscriber

You no longer have to worry

How does it work? It is so simple, easy and convenient!

To ensure you receive the required treatment as quickly as possible, all Natali systems are at your service. The doctor's at the call center, the medical devices in your home and the fleet of intensive care ambulances will do everything to ensure your health, as we have done in tens of thousands of cases throughout our 30 years of experience.

מוקד רפואי ואבחון הלב

Medical Call Center and Cardiac Diagnosis

Natali’s advanced medical diagnosis call center provides a response to our customers year-round, 24 hours a day. The call center is staffed by physicians and paramedics that specialize in providing telemedicine services: cardiac diagnosis and consultation services, emergency medicine and general medicine.

The call center uses a unique software program that consolidates the subscribers’ medical history: displays transmitted current and historical ECG results, personal and family information, a list of contact persons in the event of an emergency, a medical file and record containing relevant information that are updated when events are reported to the call center.

The call center medical team makes medical decisions in real time, supported by advanced medical information systems that transmit the information to the call center, and medical history stored in the subscriber’s records.

מכשור א.ק.ג - נטלי טלרפואה

Home and self use Telemedicine Devices

Natali subscribers are provided with advanced, FDA-approved devices for self-use and for transmitting information to the medical call center. The device used to perform the tests and that transmit the information is an analog or cellular ECG device accessible from every home. When a test is conducted the information is immediately transmitted to the Natali medical call center, that operates 24/7. When the transmission is received the center immediately identifies the subscriber and his/her information, the doctor interprets the ECG transmission and can compare it to prior transmissions while also addressing the subscriber’s symptoms, sensitivities to medication, alergies, subscriber’s medical file that includes medical history, background diseases, regular medications and medical complaints . Thus the medical call center can make medical decisions during emergency and distress situations.

Intensive Care Ambulances

Natali intensive care ambulances stand ready for the company’s subscribers with broad dispersion in the coverage areas, equipped with advanced-technology medical instrumentation. These ambulances have the Ministry of Health operation certification and are staffed by three team members: doctor, paramedic and a medic who is the ambulance driver. This team undergoes training and qualifications as well as continuing education from time to time by the Vehicle and Safety Officer and Natali’s professional training staff. After initial diagnosis performed through the call center, the medical staff determines whether medical assistance is needed and an intensive care ambulance must be dispatched to the subscriber’s home. The call center updates the ambulance team online of any relevant information, and if the subscriber is evacuated to the hospital the information is transmitted directly to the hospital in order to shorten processes and receive quick treatment. Natali ambulances are also known for the dedicated teams that perform complex and sensitive medical evacuations to the hospital.

רופאים וביקורי בית עד אליכם

Doctors and House
calls to your doorstep

Natali operates a nationwide network of doctors available around the clock year-round (except for Yom Kippur during which the call centers are available and if needed an ambulance is dispatched to the patient’s home), who make house calls to provide a medical response (in cases that are not life-threatening).

The doctors are equipped with medication for initial treatment until you reach the family practitioner or the pharmacy, an ECG machine, a blood pressure monitor and equipment for sugar and urine tests.

The services include a clinical test, medical first aid, medication for 24 hours, or, as noted, until you get to the family practitioner or pharmacy, and referred to the emergency room if needed.

The network of medical house calls is supervised and managed by the Natali Group medical director, who up until recently served as head of emergency medicine at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer.

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